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Recent studies are producing more bad news for High Fructose Corn Syrup. Although HFCS has been taking the rap for all-things-obesity, now the news that’s bubbling to the top is how it contributes to high levels of uric acid.

This is from a recent newsletter article from Dr. Mercola:

  • It’s been known that meats and purine rich foods can raise uric acid, but it turns out that one of the most potent ways to raise uric acid is via fructose!

This article was written in summary and response to an interview that he did with Dr. Richard Johnson of the University of Colorado.

Dr. Johnson has written a very important book, “The Sugar Fix” about the dangers of high fructose corn syrup.

He addresses the common issue of obesity, but more important for us gout people, how high fructose corn syrup can raise uric acid levels and cause serious problems with our blood pressure, insulin production and kidney function, not to mention Gout.

The Whole Article Will Scare the Hell Out of You.

It brings to light some interesting information about the increase of fatty liver disease, general poor health and premature death rising over the last 20 years and how that corresponds to the increase in consumption of soft drinks and HFCS found in an alarming number of foods.

There is an abundance of solid information that has everything to do with causes of gout, and even better is that the first of a 5 part video series of the interview is included.

If you need to be serious about your gout like I’ve had to, take a few minutes and get a good piece of education.

But . . . What Exactly Is High Fructose Corn Syrup?

High Fructose Corn Syrup is pretty much that same old Karo Corn Syrup your Mom bought (like mine did) when you were a kid. What it’s not is the naturally occurring fructose that’s found in fruits and honey. It’s a super-refined clear liquid that is derived from corn starch. Industrial food producers love it because . . . it’s CHEAP! And it has long shelf-life.

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Thanks Bert for getting back to me so fast, my gout is subsiding now and working on your program.  I am feeling better about myself and the getting the gout out of my life is a bonus.  I am 52 and had my 1st attack 7 years ago and the last 3 attacks in the last year.  I can see as I read in your book that it only gets worse if I don’t stop it now.  I am a avid fisherman and lobsterman , and don’t want to give up any of my hobbies.


Thanks for your help.



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Why Is It SO Bad For Us?

When you eat HFCS, it goes straight to the liver and this fake sugar substance turns to fat – lickity split – BUT, unlike typical carbohydrates, it does not cause the pancreas to produce insulin. Insulin is sort of a hunger-quenching signal for the brain. So the bad news is, we get stuck in a downward spiral – the food we eat gets IMMEDIATELY stored as fat but we never even feel full.

What Can We Do About HFCS?

Stop eating it! It’s in everything – almost everything that comes in box, bag, can, or bottle. Here’s what you do:

  1. Stop drinking Coke, Moutain Dew, Red Bull, and all other crap like that
  2. Eat @ Home! Restaurant foods are loaded with HFCS – that’s why you’re hooked on them . . . it’s just another form of drug addiction!
  3. Make a list, go to the store, buy REAL food – spend most of your time in the produce section

If you do have to buy shi . . . crap in box, bag, can, or bottle, make sure you get good at reading the labels. The is so much deception in the way the dirt-bag food manufacturers label their trash.

Death by gout . . . comes from High Fructose Corn Syrup.

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