A Box of KrystexxaThat is the question I’ve been wanting to know the answer to for a while now. And I got it.

One of the guys that I’m in contact with because of this nasty disease you, me and Tommy share, is on the treatment and he’s actually making significant progress with dissolving the massive tophi he’s managed to grow over the last few years.

When it comes to gout treatment, this sounds almost as bad – maybe worse – that getting gout itself!

One Man’s Story

Tommy generously agreed to let me put this out there so check it out and see what he has to say:

Image of Email About Krystexxa For Gout

(Just to make it easy for you, here is what it says in the screenshot image)

But beware before you send everyone out to go get the iv drip. It is terrible. My regimen is : show up to the cardiac unit. They give you Motrin and benydril. You wait one hour and try not to fall asleep. They start a one hour drip of hydrocortisone . Then you wait another hour. Then they drip (iv) the Krystexxa in for two hours. Then with epi-pen in hand they wait for you to go into shock from an allergic reaction to the medicine. If you make it., and can go to the bathroom you can go home. The rest of the day is pretty un-eventful except trying to shake off the benidril. The next day and for the next entire week, the meds are hard at work eating the tophi. You can watch it happen.


The process is as follows: the med will find some random are of the body with tophi. It will attack it. It will give you the worst attack you have ever had in that area. It will stretch that area skin so tight that it will cause stretch-marks there (not an over-exaggeration). The next day will roll around and it will start to go away taking some of the tophi with it. Then it will quickly find another place to attack. They cycle goes on for about a week and then it stops working (for me).


I am 40 yrs old. I am currently the only one in the VA doing Krystexxa. Some other guy before me had knees larger than basket balls (truthfully) and elbows larger than softballs. He was on the drip for a year and a half and shrank his down a huge amount. They are going to cut him open and dig out his tophi before he can continue any longer. He could not walk or work at all. He was chair-bound. Now he is up and active . This stuff works wonders.


Now if I had took my meds and ate correctly and drank less many moons ago, I would not be in the spot I am now. I have been under the knife as well in the name of gout. They “sleeved” almost my entire right hand to make it usable about ten years ago., but it all came back. This med has rewound the clock 15 years for me. If I can get to a normal level, I will be first in line for your program. I want to do better for my body and for the loved ones around me that worry so much.


Your fellow gout brother,


P.s. you can edit, reword, and use anything I send you for your use or your publications use as you deem fit (except my phone number) xxx.xxx.xxxx


Krystexxa Gout Treatment?

Now what do you think about doing Krystexxa to treat your gout? Personally this has actually given me a little more confidence in the idea that something – Krystexxa or maybe something else – might come around to help alleviate the nightmare that tophi is for some people.

What is really scary is that due to the way the world is going, our food supply is obviously contributing to the rise in gout, diabetes, heart disease, cancer and more. I think we can expect a lot more people to have uncontrolled uric acid turn into tophaceous gout and the need for these drugs is going to increase.

Will you be one of the one’s that needs them?

I hope not. My whole mission with The Gout Killer is to help everyone move away from the nutrient deficient foods, bad water and bad breathing habits and start to learn a better way of life . . . that isn’t conducive to bringing on gout. It is possible – I’m doing it!

Another Man’s Story

In a upcoming post, I would like to tell more of this story and his surviving family members may allow it – we’ll have to wait and see.

But the short story is that recently I lost a new gout friend/acquaintance – he succumbed to liver and kidney failure. He had massive tophi. He’d been battling it for a few years. Savient drugs gave him the Krystexxa protocol. It didn’t work, I’m not sure why but what I’ve heard is that for what ever reason, it doesn’t work for everybody.

This friend lost his job, his wife and family, his house, and finally his life . . . because of gout.

Can gout kill you? I think so.

Using Krystexxa is one way to treat gout . . . let’s not let it come to that.

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