Attention Miserable Gout Sufferers: You are about to . . .

Get The Low-Down On How To
SLAY That Vicious GOUT BEAST Once and For All
By Arming Yourself With 7 Secret Weapons
That Even Your Doc Doesn’t Know

Especially For Fed-Up Gout Sufferers,

Listen up: I’m about to let you in on a whistle-blowing, industry cover-up, if-I-tell-ya-I’ll-have-to-kill-ya type of secret.

You ready?

Those gout meds you’ve been popping like candy are nothing more than band-aids to temporarily stomp out the symptoms of gout . . . not to actually GET RID of it!

Yep, that’s right.

And, you’ll prob’ly find them working less and less after time…and your gout attacks coming fiercer and faster than ever.

That’s what happened to me, anyway.

After my first go-round with gout, I followed all the “rules” of Western medicine and took my prescriptions like a “good patient” . . . certain all would be fine. I was downin my 300 mgs of Allopurinol and daily dose of Colchine…but after a while I noticed I was STILL having a couple of gout attacks each month.

Look, it’s not your doc’s fault…most of them really want to help but, well, they really just don’t know how (plus they’re being held by the balls by their malpractice insurance carriers, who demand allegiance to the pharmaceutical “magic fixes” that don’t actually fix anything).

Looking back, I wish someone woulda slapped me upside the head, told me to pull my head outta my ass, and steered me (FAR) away from the miracles of modern medicine that didn’t help worth a shit but instead treated me to years of gout misery and expensive surgeries to get rid of Tophi (thanks to off-the-chart levels of uric acid, despite the drugs).

Bert, I have taken all the usual pills my doctor put me on (allopurinal) which got me nowhere.  From your program now I learned why you can’t just take pills and have the gout go away – but by following your program it did. THANK YOU!!! Tony

Had I known then what I know now, I could have stopped all the pain and dickin’ around with pharmaceutical drugs. My half-assed attempts at using natural remedies would have paid off if I had just understood what to do, how to use them, and more than anything else, if I’d had something to keep me on track.

As the story goes, after a lot of herking and jerking and wasting a lot of time and money, not to mention enduring a super-human amount of pain, I set out to crack the gout code and slay the gout-beast once and for all.

What I found surprised the hell outta me. I managed to stumble onto
7 no-brainer steps so simple, seriously, a 10-year-old could do ’em, no sweat.

But they work.

WOW! Thanks Bert. I am very excited to have come across your program…I have not had a single attack since getting on board with the 7 steps. Thanks, Mark

Let Me In Now!

They work so well, in fact, that after 13 years of living in gout-hell I’ve now been gout-free for over 3 years…free from the excruciating pain of gout…free from the constant, nagging DREAD of waking up with another attack…free from the mountain-size doses of big-pharma toxic meds that I used to shove down my throat daily (which did nothing).

And ever since I kicked my gout’s ass once and for all . . . friends, colleagues, and fellow gout sufferers who’ve heard my story have been begging me to share my gout-killin secrets with them and everyone else who is suffering needlessly from gout.

Now, I’m no teacher/trainer/guru so I have to admit, I was sort of lost about how to go about doing that, but the one thing I am is tenacious, and so little by little all the bits and pieces of the puzzle fell into place and I finally birthed Kill Your Gout FOR GOOD.

Bert, thank you. After 5 years of hell… I am so glad to finally know how to get rid of this thing. Robert

So after untold hours of brain-damage getting all of my thoughts, study, research, and experience all herded up into one coral . . . Now I’m peeling back the curtain and revealing the exact steps I took to kill my gout for good.

But instead of the 13 years of suffering it took me to get it right, you can take the ultimate shortcut and create your own gout-bustin’ game-plan in as little as 7 days!

Yep, that’s right, you could be just one week away from owning all the tools needed to build yourself a life that’s permanently free of gout!

Introducing my brand-new, 14-session online video training series:

Kill Your Gout For Good
A No-Bullshit One-Week Online Program Showing You

Listen, if you’re a stickler for pretty graphics and fancy, long-winded lectures, you may wanna look elsewhere. ‘Cuz around here, we’re all about cuttin’ through the shit and delivering the goods you need to KILL YOUR GOUT, all wrapped up in a no muss, no fuss type of package.

Fair warning: I am not about treading lightly or sugarcoating things…so be prepared to hear the raw truth (it may sting a bit, so the faint of heart need not apply). If you’re looking for a feel-good, tell-me-I’m-perfect-just-the-way-I-am type of program, you’re in the wrong place.

But if you want straight-up answers for how to knock your gout on its ass – for GOOD –
you are in the right place, at the right time . . .


And now’s your chance to:

  • Discover the “Secret Formula” for How to Terminate Gout Pain in 2-4 Hours, using 3 common grocery items you might already have at home.
  • Grasp THE TRUTH about why doctors and pharmaceuticals alone CANNOT put an end to your gout permanently.
  • Uncover What the REAL CAUSE of gout is (trust me, its NOT what “they” want you to know)
  • Finally, Find a Real-World Gout-Diet you can actually stick with….and learn
    WHY being a vegetarian could make your gout EVEN WORSE!
  • Get Wise to the Absolute WORST thing to Drink that’s guaranteed to aggravate your gout (you’ll be surprised it’s NOT alcohol) – plus what you should be drinking instead.
  • Discover the ONE FORM OF EXERCISE that is certain to GIVE you
    one gout attack after another
    (so you can avoid it like the plague!).
  • Receive the one-on-one PERSONAL MENTORSHIP of yours truly, and learn
    exactly what I did
    to become gout-free.
  • Develop a PERSONAL ACTION PLAN that is customized to fit your life that will
    guide you like a heat-sinking missile
    to living a gout-free life.
Hope you are well Bert. I am the best I have been in many years. Thank you Bert for helping me through a really rough time with gout. My hat is off to you for your dedication, and help. Best, Brad

Now, I’ll be frank with you. This is not a “light-weight” program. Rather, this is my tell-all, reveal-all, give away the farm program . . . Where you’ll learn every single thing (A-Z, start to finish) that I know about what works and what doesn’t work for permanent gout killin.

So for those who are up to the challenge, let’s talk nuts and bolts about what you’ll get over the course of 7-Days with these 14 action-packed sessions.


Part 1:

The Kill Your Gout Now Handbook – Your Foundation of TRUE Facts!

Here in Part 1 you’ll get my world-famous Kill Your Gout NOW! Handbook – The Ultimate Handbook for How to Terminate Gout Pain in 2-4 Hours using my “Secret Formula” of common grocery items you might already have at home!

And in addition to getting the “Secret Formula”, this handbook gives you the true gout-facts (instead of the typical gout-bullshit) to set you straight about what is at the ROOT of your gout, and again . . . it’s NOT what your doctor is telling you.

The Kill Your Gout NOW Handbook gives you the Bedrock Foundation for your Gout-Killin Game Plan . . . without this “secret intel” you may as well just plan on being bed-ridden the rest of your life!

Here’s just some of the meat-and-potatoes you’ll get in Part 1 of this program:

  • My no-brainer recipe for killin’ gout immediately – using super cheap ingredients you can prob’ly dig outta your kitchen cabinet right now.
  • A Short but Powerful list of other super-simple and FREE things you can do at home to help quickly DESTROY any gout attack that dares to rear it’s ugly head.
  • Why Uric Acid is NOT the root cause of you gout . . . but what is (this info is worth thousands of dollars you could otherwise waste on uric acid treatments)!
  • What the ULTIMATE cause of gout is (hint, it’s the opposite of what your doctor, brother, teacher and mother all are telling you!) so get ready for a big surprise.
  • Size Does Matter! The size of your brain that is. ;-) If you’ve been stuffin your skull with bonafide-gout-bullshit (dished out by doctors and pharma-reps who’ve never actually had gout) then no wonder you still have gout! (You’ll get the true facts here.)
Hi Bert, I had a gout attack after a big party on Labor Day weekend. Two hours later after your “secret formula” treatment it was gone! Thanks for your help, Hal
Hey Bert, Yes all the info you shared about how to get rid of my gout made a lot of sense, and it worked. I feel that I have been mislead for many years. Thank for all your help and for opening my eyes, I support you 100%. Alex
Oh thank you Mr. Bert! I had a serious attack of gout but thanks to your tremendous book it has cleared. Bert ur the man! Thanks, George

Let Me In Now!

Part 2:

The 7 Secrets to Gout Freedom – Your Outline of EXACTLY What to do!

Now that you got the Right Foundation for your Gout-Killin-Game-Plan in Part 1 . . .
Next I’m gonna give you my “7 Secrets to Gout Freedom” where you’ll learn my proven
Seven Steps
of EXACTLY WHAT TO DO to permanently get rid of gout.

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll learn:

  • A down-and-dirty Do-or-Don’t Food-Guide so you can stop shooting yourself in the foot by eating the wrong things – and a stupid simple way to cut your grocery bill and cut your gout all at the same time.
  • The “prime ingredient” to not just immediate but lasting permanent gout relief (and it doesn’t need any special equipment or fancy diets!).
  • Why your car-seat or office chair might be making your gout worse and how you can
    fix em without spending any money!
  • Grasp this shocking truth about how your very THOUGHTS can trigger a gout attack by releasing massive amounts of toxic chemicals inside your body (and how to avoid this self-sabotage!)
  • How the “silent killa” is not only settin’ up your big-ol Mad Magazine body for a heart attack, but is also causing an assload of gout attacks (stop snifflin’, I’ll show you how to put the kibosh to it!).
  • Arguably the single biggest culprit lurking behind your gout – and the “quick fix” you can take now to kick your gout’s ass straight to the curb, once and for all.
Hey Bert, Thanks for your info.The diet you recommend makes so much sense. Other diets tell you to do this or that but don’t explain why and how. I’ve learned so much from your program already…I feel like I’m becoming an expert. It’s amazing what gout can do to your body! So thanks again. Carla
I was so puzzled and struggled to understand why I still had gout since I have been doing everything “correctly”… but the since I came across your program, I have learnt a lot more I do agree with you 110%. Kind regards and take care Bert. Cheers, Ben

Let Me In Now!

Part 3:

From Gout-Victim to Gout-Killin Rock Star – Your Road Map to Action!

And here in Part 3 . . . It’s time to grow some stones and stop letting gout have its way with you already! You’re about to go from gout-sissy to GOUT SLAYER in these final sessions, when you discover:

  • A rock-star action plan for living gout-free for good . . . so easy all you need is a piece of paper and a pencil.
  • The 4 no-brainer steps you MUST take each and every morning if you’re serious about killing gout for the long-haul (this is the same stuff the great and mighty Tony Robbins does to kick ass and take names in his life – find out how to make it work for you too).
  • A step-by-step guide for HOW to create a Gout-Proof Lifestyle, because ultimately it’s your choice whether to live a long, pain-free life OR suffer a few short years of miserable gout before crawling on all fours into your grave (which will it be, gout boy?)
  • A done-for-you, print-ready action-guide blueprint to a gout-free life.
  • Learn the nuts & bolts of EXACTLY HOW to assume full command of your health & create a gout-free life, despite all the “forces” out there working against you.
  • And finally, a wrap-it-up recap of the Kill Your Gout for Good program, complete with links and resources, grouped so you can readily find ‘em all in one place as you embark on your own gout-killing rampage!
Hi Bert, Just got your program and yes makes perfect sense. I am taking action now and next steps will be to do what you have done… because I want to be where you are now in the near future. Thanks, Rick
Mr. Bert, My feet are the one thing I need most in my life…can’t do business without them, so I knew this gout was a wake up call. Your down to earth, laying it on the line, helped me realize that now will be better than later. We all need a kick in the butt, someone who tells it like it is, and your program was the first that laid it out in terms that I got! So, again, thank you! Sincerely, Kathy

Here’s how it goes: as soon as you click that “LET ME IN NOW” button and confirm that you’re ready to sock it to gout – for good – you’ll get instant access to the first 2 video sessions in Day One. Then each day after that you’ll get access to 2 more video sessions… so you can power through your permanent gout-killin’ game-plan in just one kick-ass-first, ask-questions-later week (or save up the sessions and work through ‘em in your own time).

That’s right, you’ll get all 14 sessions delivered to you over the course of 7-Days!

On top of getting to watch and listen to my self-narrated comedy-club-style video presentations, this turbo-charged program also comes with:

  • Action Blueprints for each session, complete with Getter Done Guidelines and Tracking Sheets to help you follow along and get your ass in gear
  • Complete Written Manuals of each session (that you can print out, read and mark up to your heart’s content)
  • Downloadable mp3 recordings of each session that can be loaded onto your iPod or iPhone (for easy listening on the go)
  • Limitless Replays of each session’s videos (so you don’t fall behind and wind up in detention…just kiddin, this ain’t high school and I’m not your mother)
Bert, Because of my gout I don’t bowl or roller-skate like I used to. Now we have a 4 year old grandson I’d like to teach how to skate and play other sports with. Thanks to your program I’ve got a much better quality of life. Oh yeah, I’m 54 and life has just begun for me! Regards, Carl

Let Me In Now!

If you’ve read this far, you probly have a few questions. Like:

“Will Kill Your Gout For Good REALLY Send Gout on a Permanent Vacation?

Hell yeah! In fact, I’m 100% sure that if you actually listen and follow the steps I outline for you, you WILL get rid of your gout for good. I’m so sure of it that I offer a complete satisfaction guarantee…

If you’re not completely thrilled with this program after completing all 14 sessions, I will give you your money back – every single dime – no questions asked.

“So how much is this gonna cost me?”

Before we get into how much this will cost you now, let’s go over a quick refresher course about how much it will cost if you don’t DO anything. It’s confession time: Are you really going to keep letting the pharmaceutical companies rake you over the coals with dose after mega-dose of toxic chemicals that don’t even work . . . just to line their own greedy pockets? Just how much will you let yourself get ripped off before you’ve had enough?

Around here, we’re NOT okay with being duped out of our cold, hard cash, and we’re not going to just sit back and let “the man” have his way with us. If that’s your style, you might as well leave now, Gout Boy, cuz there’s no place for you here.

But if you’re ready to stick it to the “system” (a.k.a. Western Medicine at its not-so-finest), fight your gout head on, man-vs-gout style, AND save a shitload of your hard-earned cash, you won’t believe the deal you’re about to get.

Cuz instead of blowing hundreds (or thousands, more like it) of dollars each year on gout meds that you have to keep refilling month after month (and remembering to shove down your gullet day after day), doc visits, surgeries, pain treatments, etc. etc., you can learn from my mistakes, keep your hard-earned cash, and save yourself a lifetime of gout pain . . . and all for the crazy low investment of just $87!

Hi Bert, I didn’t like being crippled, and trust me, I was ready to do anything to get well. Then I came across your program – your insights and all your personal help have worked and got me back on my feet.  Thank you! Lewis

So what’s the fine print, right?

I’m going to give it to you straight . . . I’ve been catching a lot of flack from people who have used this program and tell me I’m crazy for not charging at least a few hundred bucks for this full-on comprehensive program…and any moment now I could come to my senses and start charging what this dang thing’s really worth.

But for now, you get to take advantage of my insane generosity and the fact that I’m on a mission to kill gout on a massive scale. (So quit your bellyachin and take the deal before it disappears on your whiny ass – and you end up shelling out 10x the dough!)

Plus, I’m all about rewarding people who get off their ass and starting DOING something proactive, so I’m offering this tell-all, permanent-gout-killin’ guide to those who are ready to take fast action toward their gout relief for that crazy low price of just $87.

Wow, let me just say thank you. This is the best and most informative program I’ve ever discovered…it makes so much sense.  OK, Bert, my new Guru, have a great weekend and Happy Halloween sans the candy crap :-)   Thanks again. Karen

There is one condition, though:

You gotta get off your ass and do it! You’ve gotta take action, actually get your ass through all 14 sessions of the course, follow the damn Action Blueprints and put this priceless Gout-Wisdom into play in your life.

Can you handle that, gout boy?

Or is it too much trouble? If you’d rather deal with the agony of unrelenting gout attacks for the rest of your miserable life, then good luck to you. But if you think a better option might be Killing Your Gout For Good . . . and enjoying your years without gout’s excruciating, pain-in-the-ass visits, then let’s get a move on.

Click the “LET ME IN” button below RIGHT NOW
. . . to get started kicking your gout’s ass today!

Still Unsure About Killing Your Gout For Good?

I can almost hear you now, grumbling something along the lines of:
“I don’t know Bert…$87 is a lotta money…” (insert whiny voice here)

I can understand why you’re cautious; $87 IS a lotta money. Enough to cover (at least!) a month’s worth of beer. And geez, getting rid of the vicious and indescribable AGONY of one gout attack after another, not to mention the money saved in drugs, treatments, and doctor visits that take you away from work for hours on end…yeah, there’s no WAY all that could be worth $87. C’mon, really?

Plus, there’s the stranger danger factor your momma warned you about – all you know about me is what you’ve seen on my website and YouTube…so what happens if you spend your money and don’t get diddly squat? Yo’ wife and yo’ bro and all the neighbors will think you’re a damn sucker. That’s what you’re thinking, right? Well, buck up soldier…got good news for you. You are fully, 100% covered by my no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.


My 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

“I’m so confident that you’ll be completely satisfied
with Kill Your Gout FOR GOOD that I’ll happily give
you 100% of your money back ($87.00) if this
power-packed, comprehensive gout killin’ program
fails to exceed your expectations with the useful,
practical and easy-to-follow, step-by-step
it contains.”
Thanks, Bert


Plus, your credit/debit card payment is processed by, and it’s fully protected and guaranteed by them (and believe me, they are ruthless when it comes to protecting consumers . . . so even if you don’t believe in my guarantee, you can trust that’s got your back). I’m so confident that you’ll benefit hugely from this program that I’m trying like hell here to tear down all barriers for you!


PLUS, on top of that rock-solid guarantee, I got something else for you, more good news to make this decision a complete no-brainer. Not only will you get all 14 sessions of this jaw-dropping, gout-killing guidance for the ridiculously low price of just $87.00 . . .

But if the permanent gout-relief you’ll get from this online training program isn’t quite enough to light your fire, I’ll throw in a couple of bad-ass bonuses to really get you going!

  • Special Bonus #1: One FREE 40 minute Gout Coaching Session with me (The Original Gout Killer) to get- and KEEP – your ass on a gout-free path (value: priceless!)
  • Super Special Bonus #2: Kill Gout 365 ~ you’ll kiss the ground when you get each one of these bite-sized gout-killin’ daily email REMINDERS (short and sweet & to the point) to help you NOT FORGET what to do to stay on track to permanent gout-free living.

That’s right! You get my Kill Your Gout FOR GOOD training course, complete with Action Bluprints for each of the 14 sessions, AND 2 worth-their-weight-in-gold bonuses, all for the unheard-of price of just $87!

So I suggest you stop wasting time, and sign up for this video training series
right now . . . so you can
GET ON with Kicking Your Gout’s Ass FOR GOOD!


Bert Middleton – The Gout Killer


P.S. You MUST act now. I’m only offering my program at $87.00 until I’ve made a serious difference in the lives of 100 people – and I reserve the right to increase the price at any time without warning. (This isn’t a marketing ploy, folks; I’m dead serious, both about the importance of this program and that the price might skyrocket at any moment!)

That’s why NOW is the best time to grab your mouse and click on the “LET ME IN NOW!” button you see below . . .

P.P.S. The worst thing you can do to yourself is nothing. You’ll be no closer to being gout-free, and your time learning about the course on this page will have been wasted. Don’t give into fear of the unknown. Invest the 87 bucks and get back many hundreds or even thousands of dollars in lost time and missed opportunities because of how this online program will change your life. I promise, you won’t regret it!

Let’s be done . . . click the “LET ME IN NOW!” button below and let’s get you
on your way to a life where you’ll NEVER GET GOUT AGAIN!