What Causes Gout?

You may have experienced gout attacks for years, but you’re still not sure exactly what causes gout. Simply put, the reasons are:

  • Diet and exercise choices.Gout Causes
  • Environmental chemicals.
  • Stress.

The good news from The Gout Killer is, all of these can be monitored, managed and overcome. While genetics or heredity is often mistaken as a factor, it’s a very a minor factor if you’re truly interested and committed to moving beyond the pain and inconvenience of gouty arthritis.


Gout Causes Are a Matter of Choice

Huh? How can a cause be a choice? What causes gout is the choice you make every day for your body. We’re talking poor nutritional choices here – one of the driving factors of gout.

Food and drink is one of the easiest ways to correct the problem of gout. Avoiding processed foods, and eating large amounts of fresh, alkalizing fruits and vegetables, plus drinking only high-quality water is the starting point.

Another lesser-known gout origin is low blood oxygen saturation. Strong, well-developed breathing habits will correct this.

Inconsistent sleep or rest and lack of simple exercise are other facors in what causes gout. Well-planned sleep and exercise habits help to keep the body systems in good working order and minimize the incidence of gout.


Environmental Chemicals Cause Gout

Often-ignored gout causes include toxic environmental chemicals. In the modern world, the synthetic chemicals in our foods, water, beverages, air, detergents, and cosmetics accumulate and impair the various systems of the body.

In addition to seemingly benign household items, many cancer causes are associated with industrial and agricultural operations. So too are gout causes.


Stress is a Factor in Gout

Possibly the most overlooked of all gout sources is stress. Strong emotions and negative thinking create powerful acidic chemistry in the internal environment of the body. The stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol add to the overall acidic load that has to be managed by the kidneys. This adds to the strain of maintaining the pH balance and helps to provide the right conditions for gout to flourish.


Gaining Awareness of What Causes Gout

One of the first steps to overcoming gout is to study and be aware of the various things that seem to cause gout in your body. There is an unfathomable amount of misinformation about what causes gout. Western medicine plays a significant role in promoting the idea that managing only uric acid and ignoring the overall acidic condition of the body is enough.

This is false.

Read through our content to learn more about gout causes, how to recognize and understand them, and most importantly, how to minimize their effects or rid yourself of them entirely.

Gout causes come from the choices you make every day.

* * *

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