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The best gout diet is NOT one that just avoids purines. Yes, you do need to learn about and manage your purine intake, but getting onboard with an ideal gout diet that will help with the treatment of your gout includes something way more important: support for your kidneys.

Food Pyramid for Gout DietUric acid is only one of the many types of acid your kidneys are trying to process, and so the only gout diet that actually works is an alkaline diet.

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pH Balance

In other words, a gout diet is a pH management diet. If you’ve got gout, chances are you’ve inadvertently been eating an overly-acidic diet. In fact, most people these days are consuming too much acidity and this is resulting in a bunch of different kinds of health problems. For some, this highly acidic diet contributes to obesity, for some diabetes, and for you and me . . . gout!

Again, the most important part of a good gout diet is to eat an alkaline diet. This is critical if you want your kidneys to have a fighting chance of properly eliminating toxic, acidic wastes, so that you don’t get gout attacks anymore.

A Gout Diet Limits Purines

Eating an alkaline-focused gout diet will automatically minimize your purine consumption. If you are new to the gout world, you’ve probably been hearing about purines and uric acid, but do you really understand exactly how these contribute to gout?

If you want to have control OVER your gout, rather than being at it’s mercy, do yourself a favor and spend a few minutes learning why and how the best gout diet will always minimize your purine intake.

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Casey here to thank you again for making me aware of the “traps” waiting to snag us in the food marketing world. If you haven’t seen theses documentaries already you may find that they support your cause !!! It’s relieving for me to know there are some good people out there putting up one hell of a battle against industrialized food. There has to be a change. An analogy mentioned in the Food Inc film mentioned how the tobacco industry was brought down, now it’s time for the industrialized food organizations to be brought to justice.


Thanks Bert – you are the man.

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Avoid Toxins

In an advanced gout diet it is also important to minimize food toxins. Food toxins are any “food-like” substances that are so unnatural that your body thinks they are foreign invaders . . . and creates an inflammatory response. Don’t forget, gout at its basic level is an inflammatory condition.

But inflammation gets a bad rap these days like it’s some kind of demon, when in reality it is a vital body function. Inflammation is how your body protects itself from substances that are a threat to it, and unnatural “food-like” substances are part of that . . . including most processed foods, GMO foods, and biocide-ridden foods (herbicides, pesticides, etc).

The Gout-Killin’ Diet

To learn all about a fail-safe bomb-proof gout diet, click on the articles below and enter a whole new world of understanding. In your mindset as a Gout Killer, purines and uric acid are a relatively small part of the picture.

The bigger picture is about eating an alkaline diet that is low in toxins and high in anti-oxidants. Once you master this gout-killin gout diet you’ll be able to keep on enjoying steak and lobster like you always have!

 + Remember!  A good gout diet is one that is loaded with organically grown, whole foods that you buy and prepare yourself.


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